PowerCable MQTT 101x periodically connects to the specified server over http / https and sends data in a .json (JavaScript Object Notation) structure.
Open API HTTP Push JSON monitored smart power sockets NETIO

The communication is initiated from the device to the server (behind NAT). the connection can be established periodically, but it is recommended to periodical report measured values.

  • The frequency of connecting to the server can be set as short as 10 seconds.
  • JSON over http(s) can use the standard port 80 (enabled in most internal networks).
  • The HTTPs version uses SSL encryption.
  • The JSON format is very common.
  • Since fw. 3.0.0 there is also option to control output via standard JSON structure within established TCP connection.


Download: HTTP(s) Push – JSON specification of M2M API PDF

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HTTPs Push JSON API NETIO Power sockets monitored over M2M API



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